Here’s our story…

Creating the decentralized future that hasn’t come fast enough…

It all begins with crypto Fraud & Spam. It happened
with the Internet and it’s happening
again with Cryptocurrencies.

01Eliminate all fraud.
Bring world-class security to this unregulated industry.
02Bring in the masses.
Give humanity 100% control of their life and money.
03Innovate forever after.
In a decentralized world, nothing else survives.

Technical? You’ll love our Whitepaper.

The Blue Protocol is a family of developer tools, consumer software, and guidelines for the development of digital assets on the Ethereum network. The existing infrastructure relies heavily on the storage of private keys, passwords to authenticate the transfer of funds and the user. This is easily phished, lost, or stolen, and has led to the loss of a massive amount of funds since the inception of the Ethereum network. The Blue Protocol solves this problem once and for all.

We <3 Engineering. Join our developer program.

We offer wallet developers, exchanges, and e-commerce sites the option of integrating the Blue Protocol in to their own systems with the same automatic verification of digital assets as the BLUE Wallet offers. By integrating our easy-to-use SDK, with only a few lines of code our partners are able to demonstrate their commitment to security and protection of user’s digital assets.

See our tools in action with the BLUE Wallet

The BLUE Wallet is a multi-platform application that allows for sending, receiving, and storing of Ethereum based assets such as ERC20 tokens and beyond. By building our own wallet we are able to integrate our security protocol, including decentralized 2FA, deep integration with dApps, and a world-class user experience we think will set the standard for the industry. The BLUE Wallet shows what’s possible using our SDK and tools.

Owner of an exchange?

Please contact our Chief Security Officer for a complimentary 2-Day security audit of your exchange. We’ll invest time into improving your security and listing BLUE if it meets the The BLUE Standard.

Contact our CSO

The BLUE Protocol

The Blue Protocol allows for 2-factor authentication without a central party, internet-wide secured by the blockchain identification system, secure asset storage, smart contract analysis, blockchain analysis, address blacklisting and whitelisting, and anti-phishing capabilities.