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Product/Development Update

1. Introducing Golomb, our new Application’s Architect

Golomb is inspired after the Golomb’s Ruler. Golomb has spent recent years as a technology director for a multi-billion dollar enterprise with a focus on R&D and building frameworks to optimize performance of web applications used by millions of active users globally.

In previous roles, Golomb was a business intelligence analytics researcher at a one of the largest US franchises, contributing to developing forecasting algorithms to significantly improve future sales predictions.

He’s worked with our CTO, Occam, for many years and has deep expertise in Javascript and front-end systems. We’re excited to have him join our team!

2. Our Sprints have an 80% success rate

We’re proud to announce that our development Sprint cycles have a completion rate of +80%, including important tasks like bugs, features, improved processes, etc.
We’ll continue to measure and improve this key metric as we grow.

3. Latest Geth version running stable

For anybody who has experience running their own Geth node, you know how things can quickly turn into a nightmare. In the past, we’ve had serious issues with memory leaks and crashes, but as of today, we’re proud to announce that our 1.7 node is fully stable.

This allows us to dramatically improve the User Experience and use the nodes for data summarization.

4. Complete performance monitoring of all Databases & API’s

Our Development team has invested in full application performance monitoring for our databases and external APIs, such as Ethgasstation, Coinmarketcap, and others.

By monitoring all of these critical functions in one place, this allows our development team to quickly respond to any outages or disruptions.

As always, thank you for supporting the project. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.

Thank you,
Occam, Golomb, Sergey, Mr. Franklin, Uni and the rest of the Product & Development team.

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