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After extensive talks with several exchanges we’ve got an opportunity to improve our visibility through some top 50 exchanges. We aren’t sure who we will go with yet but we’re going to open up donations for those who want to see BLUE on more exchanges. Regardless of the exchange selection, we’ll need a few more BTC to pay for listing. When contributing be sure to PM an Admin on Telegram, or email [email protected] with a tx id and a name so we can add you to the website as a contributor (plus a little secret surprise later this year that will show up in your Blue Wallet)
If you contribute via BTC, be sure to include your Blue wallet address as well!

Major criteria for our new exchange selection process:
1) Must be in the top 50 by adjusted volume
2) Must be available in China, S Korea, Japan
3) Must be above board with a clean record free of hacks, wash trading, and scam coin listings
4) Must be willing to consider using our SDK within the exchange

Contribute BTC: 39jtTnJtStNL63PQyquX7HiGukJVmMLcbu
Contribute ETH: 0xdfb3355981ca3c7ba6ba790b26f02c3737727de7

Interested in seeing the list of supporters so far? You can see them here.

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