The Launch of Byzantine

Today we’re proud to announce we’ve slated a LAUNCH DATE for Byzantine, along with token swap details. By using Byzantine you’ll be able to be part of our payments network, which you can read more about on the dedicated Byzantine page at https://www.blueprotocol.com/byzantine.


Acquiring Byz tokens

In order to acquire Byz tokens at a 5x ratio (5 Byz token for every 1 Blue you swap) you’ll need to be one of the first to perform the swap. If you don’t make it in to the first 1 million coin swaps, that’s OKAY, you can participate in round two at a 4x ratio, which will be limited to 2 million Blue tokens. The full chart is here: which leaves 42M BYZ minted, the same as the total supply of Blue:

5:1 Ratio
Byzantine Limit: 5 million
Blue Limit: 1 million

4:1 Ratio
Byzantine Limit: 8 million
Blue Limit: 2 million

3:1 Ratio
Byzantine Limit: 9 million
Blue Limit: 3 million

2:1 Ratio
Byzantine Limit: 20 million
Blue Limit: 10 million

1:1 Ratio
No limits needed!


How to Claim:

On August 20th, 2019, an update will be posted across Twitter, Telegram, and via email for everyone to claim their coins. After this it will be a first-come-first-server system where you swap your Blue tokens by sending them to the swap smart contract (the contract address and code will be available at the same time). If you want to be notified right away you can sign up for the notification list here: Email Me!

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