Byzantine is the new technology securing Bitcoin transactions, and making e-commerce simpler and safer for everyone in crypto.

How Does it Work?

The Byzantine Vault

Fast and easy.

Merchants simple embed the Byzantine widget at their checkout, and will have BTC deposited to their account with associated device metadata. The simplest to integrate payment solution ever created.

Security First.

Byzantine uses a unique device fingerprinting system to make sure payments are performed safely and securely. You can rest assured as a merchant that the buyer is the valid owner of their Bitcoin, freeing you from liability.

When will the Blue to Byz swap process start?

After August 20th, 2019.

How long will I be able to claim 5 Byz per Blue?

This is not timed, but will be available up until 1 million Blue have been converted in to 5 million Byzantine. Then the ratio will be 4:1.

5:1 Ratio
Byzantine Limit: 5 million
Blue Limit: 1 million

4:1 Ratio
Byzantine Limit: 8 million
Blue Limit: 2 million

3:1 Ratio
Byzantine Limit: 9 million
Blue Limit: 3 million

2:1 Ratio
Byzantine Limit: 20 million
Blue Limit: 10 million

1:1 Ratio
No limits needed!