Our Core Values

It drives everything we do


Growth Mindset
It all begins with our Mindset. We’re open-minded, always positive, and addicted to becoming better.
10X Everything
In every part of the business, we ask ourselves how we can innovate (10x) from the current status quo.
Clear Communication
We’re transparent, proactive, and efficient with our communication. We’re always kind and candid.
Speed. Speed. Speed.
Our speed of execution is unmatched. We’re fast, lean, and ship product faster than most.
Work Smarter, Not Harder
We complete high quality work quickly by working smarter, not harder. It’s the 80/20 rule.
Results Driven
We let results and data guide us. We’re more interested in finding the right answer than being right.


Below are the positions available:

Executive Assistant

You will be expected to understand how to handle, with a great degree of independence, incoming asks for time, meetings, resources and other needs from multiple executives. You will be responsible for following up to ensure proper disposition, and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Product Designer

We are looking for a thoughtful and skilled user-centered designer to take a leading role designing the core features of our products for consumers and developers. You will be reporting directly to multiple executives.

Head of Operations

We are looking for an experienced operations leader to oversee our organization’s ongoing operations and procedures. You will be reporting directly to the executives and responsible for the efficiency of business.

Software Engineer

We’re looking for a full stack engineer who will take a key role on our team. You must have knowledge in all stages of software development and will be reporting directly to the CTO and other executives.