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BLUE produces tools for wallet developers, exchanges, and ecommerce platforms to secure cryptocurrency in a decentralized way. We do this by using a combination of technologies such as smart contract analysis, community reporting, and machine learning.

The BLUE SDK is currently demoed through the BLUE Wallet, available for downloaded at https://mywallet.blue. This is a public beta with limited features. More features will be rolled out as feedback comes in and development progresses

BLUE tokens are used to run the SDK. Some functions in the SDK simply require BLUE to be in your wallet, while others require BLUE to be consumed. The token tracks unique nonces for securing transactions. This allows us to uniquely identify threat scans from our SDK and know that they are both up-to-date and not faked by a MITM attack.

Contract Address: 0x539EfE69bCDd21a83eFD9122571a64CC25e0282b
Total Supply: 42,000,000
Decimals: 8
ICO Price: N/A – Airdropped

If you see a suspicious token, wallet address, or want a review of an ERC 20 token, please submit a report on our contact page. For urgent matters, report the issue directly to an admin on our Telegram channel.

The BLUE Standard is a set of requirements that we as a community can agree upon. This includes technical requirements, funding allocation, and many more aspects of altcoin development. We invite our community to contribute to the BLUE Standard: https://github.com/BlueCrypto/BLUEStandard.

BLUE currently trades on Coin Exchange, IDEX, Yobit and ForkDelta.

Some have and some have not. At this time, those who keep their identities secret are trying to avoid harassment from the scammers we are exposing. There will come a time when you will learn all about us. In the meantime, we’ve provided some information on the team here: team & vision

When we hit our initial release milestone we will be publishing our open source code via Github. Until then, the best way to keep tabs on our development is to view check our TwitterBlog, and Telegram chat.

The reason we are BLUE, instead of some other color, best summarized in this episode of RadioLab: http://www.radiolab.org/story/211213-sky-isnt-blue/.

Most exchanges have a non-disclosure agreement that says if we share our plans to list with the public, we are breaking that agreement and won’t be listed. We understand that folks want to know what exchanges we are targeting, but we simply can’t share.

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