Our Vision

Our vision is to help accelerate the security & simplicity of decentralized technology.

We believe that decentralization strengthens the individual’s right to privacy and control of their data. This is a benefit to the entire world and all of humanity. As internet technology has grown, so has surveillance. The current state of the market means organizations receive rewards for surveillance and trading of private data on internet users, and decentralized assets are the first realistic solution to this problem.

The biggest problem we face today that holds back mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency and digital assets is the combination of poor security and complex user experiences. We believe it is critical to relieve both simultaneously before the mainstream audience will be willing and able to adopt cryptocurrencies.

By making decentralized assets easier and safer to work with, we aim to bring cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to the mainstream audience, enabling every person in the world to smoothly transition into the decentralized future.

The Current Team

Jameson Quave

Chief Executive Officer

Former Visa Engineer and Serial Entrepreneur with 10+ years experience in software engineering, team management, finance, and derivatives trading. Previously, Jameson developed a white label solutions for Visa banking customers, and developed the SDK for Microsoft’s automated customer support including AT&T, Verizon, and British Telecom.

In addition, Jameson is an Artificial Intelligence board member at Microsoft, and a published author on mobile software engineering. In his previous executive role, Jameson bootstrapped a software firm and built out a team of 25+ engineers. During this time, the team’s efforts were featured by Apple on the front-page of the Mac App Store, iOS App Store, and independently featured by Amazon with the launch of the Fire TV. Millions of active users continue to use the apps and software products developed by Jameson’s teams.

Edward Garrett

Chief Commercial Officer

As an award-winning sales executive and operations leader with over 10 years of sales experience in FinTech, banking, technology, and insurance industries across the US, UK and Asia, ECG brings a record of success and achievement in establishing highly profitable multi-million-dollar partnerships with FORTUNE 500 companies and clients around the world.

As Global Head of Partnerships, ECG is responsible for building strategic partnerships with cryptocurrency exchanges, wallet makers, and other service providers to elevate Blue’s positioning in the marketplace to secure the crypto age for all. Using his FinTech industry influence, he works with top C-suite executives to develop innovative client solutions, and sell concepts and products that will provide security and convenience for their customers.


Chief Technology Officer

Occam is a highly trained software solutions architect, responsible for architecting multiple large scale and high traffic web applications.

At his previous role, he developed a web service architecture still in use today by a multi-billion dollar corporation, servicing over 3.5 million monthly active users. Occam managed standards and conventions while also providing technical oversight for more than 30+ software engineers. Some of his past projects include developing an enterprise management system that maintained multi-million dollar accounts as well as a performance tracking software that monitored millions of dollars in ad campaigns.


Application Architect

Golomb has spent recent years as a technology director for a multi-billion dollar enterprise with a focus on R&D and building frameworks to optimize performance of web applications used by millions of active users globally. In previous roles, Golomb was a business intelligence analytics researcher at a one of the largest US franchises, contributing to developing forecasting algorithms to significantly improve future sales predictions.

Ali Athar

Marketing Consultant

Ali is a Managing Partner at Rogue Collective LLC, supporting blockchain infrastructure and ecosystem innovations. Rogue Collective is a primary Ethereum Blue patron and believes in their mission to deliver a higher level of security and enhanced user experience for blockchain users. At Rogue Collective, Ali assists portfolio communities with original content and inventive marketing solutions. Prior to Rogue Collective, Ali spent 5 years as a research engineer and holds an engineering degree from UC San Diego.


Marketing Consultant

Chase is a Managing Partner at Rogue Collective LLC, which operates a full-service cryptocurrency investment and advisement agency. At Rogue Collective, Chase directs the investment strategy of the fund, and works with portfolio companies on their marketing content and community outreach. Prior to Rogue Collective, Chase was a senior operations manager for KeyMe Inc. He holds an economics degree from UC San Diego.



CEO and co-founder of a leading platform for online learning with over 15 years of experience building and making profitable e-commerce and SaaS solutions. In addition to growing this core business, they also serve as consultants for several large partners, with over 200m in annual revenue, leveraging their skills in developing award winning customer experiences, nurturing retention and increasing ROI from all aspects of the product development, marketing and process management.


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